Yiddish translation requested - Skierniewice #poland #translation

J Antrich

Please could someone translate the Yiddish writing round the photo and the placard in the picture? Is it taken in Poland, and is it townsmen or a support organisation?
Thank you,
Jeremy Antrich
Surbiton, Emgland

Odeda Zlotnick

The placard says: The Skeirnwice - London Help committee for orphans.
The text on the frame says (roughly) We're sending you this in thank for your support of our committee and the help for poor orphan children.
The date (on the left) is Friday, the 4th day of Khol Ha Moe'd Pessach.
The dark black letters underneath the frame lists names - I assume those of the men seated in front row.

1)      –. Itskowitz

2)      Kh. A. Lifshitz

3)      G. Warkeh

4)      M. Kh. (or H.) Lenzer

5)      M. Rottman

6)      D. Lifshtiz

7)      H. D. Papierbuch

8)      L. Freilich

9)      M. (or P.) Karp

10)   A. Byalek

11)   H. Renkewitz

12)   M. Plantz----

Odeda Zlotnick
Jerusalem, Israel.