Return address on postcard #romania

Marilyn Levinson

On July 8th, 1939, my great aunt Sheindel wrote a letter to my grandfather Joseph Wallach.  Would anyone be able to read the return address?  I can tell it is from Cernauti Romania, but I cannot read the names and the street name. I have attached a copy of the front of the postcard.  Thank you for your help.
Marilyn Levinson
Spring Lake NC 28390


The street name is "11 Noemvrie".
The 1936 (not 1939) Cernauti business directory lists a total of 13 people (or businesses) at that address, but not with the name "Suzcher (?)" from the postcard.  See attached.

Directories and other info for Czernowitz can be found at:
Online searches can also find good quality maps of Czernowitz from the timeframe.

Ron Laby

jack nathanson


It looks like the address is: Strada  Noiembrie  No. 4, Cernauti, Romania.

"Noiembrie" is the Romanian word for the month of "November".

Jack Nathanson,