Przemysl Identification Project completed: launch of the results #galicia

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The Przemysl Identification Project, which has been discussed before
in this forum, has reached its conclusion and the results are launched
this week. The aim of this collaborative project between Gesher
Galicia and the Przemysl State Archive was to identify the source town
of a large number of files held in that archive, most of which were
index books of Jewish vital records. Except for five of the books,
from three separate towns, all the files turned out to be from places
in the former Galicia. Books from 71 towns altogether were identified.

The last of 582 identifications was checked and verified at the end of
April in a project that had gone on for 18 months, much of it during
the Covid pandemic. Around 50 people - all Gesher Galicia members and
close associates - whose help was greatly appreciated, had contributed
to the project in some way.

The results of the project have been launched on the Gesher Galicia
website and are available for all, at: .
The table lists all the files with their identified towns, the type of
record and the year range. There are also other comments about a file
and whether it contains new information that is not already available
- in, for instance, an existing original register of births, deaths or

However, if you are a Gesher Galicia member, and if you log in to the
website first and then go to the above link, you will also be able to
view the page images of each of these 582 identified files. These
scans are viewable only for members.

If you are not already a member, and want like to view the scans from
the project - as well as obtaining the other benefits of membership,
such as receipt of our quarterly journal, the "Galitzianer" and access
to the Gesher Galicia FamilyFinder -then you are very welcome to join.
This can be done in a straightforward way at: .

There have already been several articles dealing with aspects of the
Przemysl Identification Project in earlier issues of the
"Galitzianer," and another one, presenting the final results of the
project and describing some of the methods used by the identifiers,
will appear in the June 2021 issue, due out next week.

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