This week's featured collections in Miriam Weiner's new Surname Database at the Routes to Roots Foundation website ( include documents from the towns of: Chernovtsy, Ukraine and Hrubieszow, Poland. #poland #ukraine

Miriam Weiner

The Routes to Roots Foundation is offering Weekly Featured Collections from the new Surname Databases on its website at


This week, we are highlighting the following: 


1.     Chernovtsy (aka Cernauti, Chernovitsy, Czernowitz), Ukraine

·         1941-1944   "Nazi Gold" in Ukraine (confiscated valuables, indexed by surname)

·         1860/1940   Birth records    

·         1901/1971   Cemetery records

·         1858/1942   Death Records

·         1871/1939   Marriage records


2.     Hrubieszow, Poland

·         1898/1936   Birth Records

·         1898/1942   Death Records

·         1898/1939   Marriage Records


Also check the Image Database for:

            10 images of Hrubieszow, Poland

            25 images of Chernovtsy, Ukraine



Miriam Weiner

Secaucus, NJ