survivors of Mir Yeshiva in Shanghai #general

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A friend is anxious to locate living survivors of the Mir Yeshiva during its sojourn in Shanghai. Here's his message:

I am looking for a group for "Survivors of the Mir Yeshiva in Shanghai" as I am seeking vital information about my father and need to locate someone who might have known him during that period. Any information on how to navigate through social media in searching for this would be GREATLY appreciated.<
Can anyone identify such a group?


Evan Fishman
Evan Fishman
New Jersey
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Joyaa Antares

Hi Evan,
Your friend may wish to join the facebook group "Shanghai Internees And Jewish Refugees Group 1945"

Best wishes, Joyaa ANTARES
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Howard Orenstein

Try these links,  which might contain info on how to find the existence of such a group.

History of Mir Yeshiva:

Story about a Mir survivor, Rabbi Yankelewitz, who died at 104 y.o.:

Mir Yeshiva, Jerusalem:

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