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Stephen Cohen

My GF's four sisters , Anna, Mary ,Becky and Julie all arrived in New York at the end of the 1800's from Grodno. Their respective husbands were: Weinberg, Levine, Miller and Simmons.

I have not been able to find any further details. 

Does anybody find this information familiar?

Stephen Cohen
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Beth Erez

HI Stephen

You really have not given enough information for people to try and help you.   Were the  sisters already married when they arrived to the US?  Alone, or with children?  Do you know their husbands names?  If they were not married yet, what was their maiden name?  I looked for example at Julie (or Julia) Simmons arrived in that time period on FamilySearch and found such a long list that there was no way  for me to narrow it down.  Also, they may have entered with Yiddish names and changed their names later.  I suggest you start at FAmilySEarch and see if that helps you. You might find the Stephen Morse website as a help to you to link easily to the right places in FamilySearch for the various potential ports.

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Beth Krevitt Erez
Hod Hasharon, Israel