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Frank Szmulowicz

File Number 109 (in Russian)
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The Polish part:

It took place in the town of Kolno on the eight day/November 20, 1866, at 9 in the morning. Chaim Rabinowicz Brykman appeared, a blacksmith (kowal), domiciled here in Kolno, forty-two years old, having in the presence of 
Aron Judkowicz Abkiewicz, a wood merchant, thirty-two years old, and Moszek Ickowicz Chludniewicz, an inn-keeper (publican), fifty-seven years of age, both domiciled in Kolno, and showed us a child of male gender and declared that the above was born in Kolno on the first day/thirteenth of the current month and year at four in the morning of his wife Rochla nee Abramowicz(?), thirty-six years old. During circumcision the child was given the name Szmul.  This document (akt) was read out to the declaring party and the witnesses and, subsequently, was signed by us and the witnesses. Abram Brykman, the father, declared that he does know know how to write. The signatories: Aron Judkowicz Abkiewicz, Moszek Ickowicz Chludniewicz, and Antoni Klodecki, the mayor in charge of civil registry and the collegial registrar (rejestrator kolegialny). 

The rest is in Russian.

Frank Szmulowicz


In Russian:



посад Граево

Состоялось в посаде Граево 7-го (19-го) апреля 1888 года в 10 часов утра.  Явился лично Янкель Штейн, равин Граевского религиозного округа, проживающий в посаде Граево, в присутстсвии свидетелей евреев Арона Малаховского, учителя, 72-х лет и Янкеля Вреника, банщика, 64-х лет, жителей посада Граево и объявили, что вчера, в 8 часов вечера был заключен религиозный брачный союз между Шлёмой Кендзиореком, холостым, 20-и лет, родившимся в деревне Калиново Ломжинского уезда и проживающем у родственников в посаде Граево в течении нескольких лет, сыном умерших Боруха и Ривки, супругов Кендзиорек, с Эткой Левинштейн, девицей, 19-и лет, родившейся и живущей с матерью в посаде Граево, дочерью умершего Менделя и живущей Соры-Шейны, урожденной Волошинской, супругов Левинштейн, рабочей в посаде Граево.  Браку этому предшествовали троекратное оглашение в Граевской синагоге - 30-го января (11 февраля), 5-го (17-го) и 13-го (25-го) февраля 1888-го года.  Ни каких препятствий присутстствующих лично при заключении брака и сего акта родителей и родственников новобрачных не было и было заявлено словестно.  Новобрачные заявили, что предбрачный договор между ними заключен не был.  Религиозный брачный союз был совершен местным равином Янкелем Штейном.  Акт сей по прочтении равином новобрачным и свидетелям, ими и нами подписан. Новобрачные заявили, что писать не умеют.

Равин Янкель Штейн

Арон Малаховский

Янкель Вреник

Чиновник гражданского состояния       Подпись


Translated into English:


Posad Graevo


It took place in Posad Graevo on April 7 (19), 1888 at 10 am. Yankel Stein, a rabbi of the Grajevo religious district, who lives in the settlement of Graevo, personally appeared in the presence of Jewish witnesses Aron Malakhovsky, a teacher, 72 years old, and Yankel Vrenik, a bath attendant, 64 years old, residents of the settlement of Graevo, and announced that yesterday, at 8 hours in the evening, a religious marriage union was concluded between Shleoma Kenziorek, single, 20 years old, born in the village of Kalinovo, Lomzhinsky district and living with relatives in the Graevo settlement for several years, the son of the deceased Borukh and Rivka, the Kenziorek spouses, with Etka Levinstein, a girl , 19 years old, born and living with her mother in the Graevo settlement, the daughter of the deceased Mendel and living Sora-Sheina, nee Voloshinskaya, the Levinstein spouses, a worker in the Graevo settlement. This marriage was preceded by a three-fold announcement in the Graev synagogue - on January 30 (February 11), February 5 (17) and February 13 (25), 1888. There were no obstacles present personally at the conclusion of the marriage and this act of the parents and relatives of the newlyweds and was declared verbally. The newlyweds said that the prenuptial agreement was not concluded between them. The religious marriage union was carried out by the local rabbi Yankel Stein. This act, upon reading by the rabbi to the newlyweds and to witnesses, was signed by them and by us. The newlyweds said they could not write.

Rabbi Yankel Stein

Aron Malakhovsky

Yankel Vrenik

Civil Status Official Signature

Translated by Michael Ryabinky
Boynton Beach, FL


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