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We just sent the first batch of complete translations (not just indices) from the 1858 Revision List of Jews of Novohrad Volynskyy District to JewishGen for inclusion in the database.  There were more than 4000 names in this batch mostly from Korets. Two other batches covering Novogradvolinsk (4250 names) and Polonnye (3570 names) are nearly ready for release. The remaining sections of the Revision List (covering Mirapol, Rogachev, Berezdov, Baranivka, Romanovka, Krasnostav, Gorodnitsa, Novo-Chartoriya and Lubar ) await translation.  In addition to names, the lists can contain information on family relationships, occupational group (merchant, handworker), and other comments such as “absent since 1854, whereabouts unknown” or “enrolled as agriculturalists in Rovno district in 1855”.  The most generous donors to our JewishGen project Records of Three Volhynia Gubernia Districts received their own copies of the spreadsheets that are complete, we need funding to complete the sections of the 1856 list mentioned above. When those are complete, there are several other complete Revision Lists and supplemental lists for these three districts (Novohrad Volynskyy, Zaslav and Starokostyantinov districts) waiting to be translated. 

To continue this work, we need funds.  We cannot finish this list or start another document until we have the funds..  Any amount is useful and appreciated.  If you can, please go to the donate tab at and under Research divisions/Ukraine select our project.  Your generosity will mean a lot.


Mary-Jane Roth

Alexandria VA