Looking for Lena nee Poritz and Max Blumberg Family #usa #general

Sharon Ann Dror

Looking for Fannie nee Goldstein and Nathan Poritz’s 2nd child: Lena 

Fannie and Nathan had: (the last two children were born in New York while the rest were born in Russia) - I have all 6 families tree completed. I have all 6 tombstone pictures with their death dates and their father’s name in Hebrew inscription, and marriage certificates.
No one knows anything about Lena and her family.
Ida & Sol (Klein) Grossman (my great grandmother)
Harry & Ida nee (Fried) Kaplan
Jack Jacob & Evelyn nee Sweetbaum
Bessie & Louis Freed
Rose & Max Madans
Samuel (died at 6 years old in 1900 and buried in Silver Lake Cemetery)
Based on Jacob Poritz’s daughter, Shirley who is still alive, 100 years old!!! She has a sharp memory, she knew my great grandmother and some of her siblings and mentioned Lena. I said I didnt have her in my tree. She said yes, she grew up with her in NYC with her family and she married  to a Max Blumberg. Sure enough I found their marriage certificate on May 6, 1901 in New York and it matches her parents names Fannie and Nathan Poritz. I kept getting dead ends in trying to find out who their family is. Shirley said she remembers one son ALFRED. Doesnt remember the others as it has been over 50 years since everyone passed away. 
Per the marriage certificate, it is her first marriage while it is a second marriage for Max.
HEADS UP - there Is another document: Naturalization with the same name Lena and Max Blumberg on April 2, 1921 BUT it is Lena nee Gurian. Their children are listed as they all born in New York:  
George Apr 29, 1902
? Rebecca Dec 25, 1904 
Esther Aug 10,1906
Elsie Nov 10, 1908
Jacob Mar 7, 1910
Elenor 20, 1915
This is NOT Lena nee Poritz. Max was born in Kovno, Russia on March 14, 1877 and moved to Liverpol, England then immigrated to the United States with their six children,
Please let me know if you know Lena nee Poritz and Max Blumberg’s family.

I got four tombstone pictures at Mount Lebanon, NY for two LENA and two MAX, all are the wrong people.

Thank you
Sharon Ann Dror