Update on Galician Records Available from JRI-Poland #poland

Mark Halpern

Dear Fellow Galitzianers:

A few days ago, JRI-Poland Executive Director Stanley Diamond posted a message notifying Galician researchers that JRI-Poland had extracts and extended indices not yet online for approximately 50 towns – some now in Poland and some now in Ukraine.

As anticipated, we have received a flood of inquiries over the last few days. If you have not yet received a response, please be patient as our volunteers work their way through all the emails, some with exhaustive questions.

To those who may have missed the original post, here are the towns with data not yet online:

Towns located in Poland:   Biala Podlaska, Biecz, Bobowa, Bochnia, Jaroslaw, Klasno, Korczyna, Krakow,  Muszyna, Nowy Sacz, Nowy Wisnicz, Podgorze,   Pruchnik, Rzeszow, Sieniawa, Sokolow Malopolski, Stary Sacz, Tyczyn, Zolynia, and Lublin.

Towns now in Ukraine:  Czortkow, Drohobycz, Gliniany, Grodek Jagiellonski, Halicz, Jagielnica, Jaryczow Nowy, Kamionka Strumilowa, Kolomyja, Kopyczynce, Lwow, Mikulince, Mosty Wielkie, Nadworna, Przemyslany, Rawa Ruska, Sambor, Sokolowka, Solotwina, Stanislawow, Stary Sambor, Strusow, Stryj, Tarnopol, Tartakow, Trembowla, Uhnow, Zablotow, Zloczow.

For information on records of interest for your town, please write to [townname]@jri-poland.org

And again, please be patient. We will surely respond.

Mark Halpern
JRI-Poland Galicia Coordinator