looking for birth place of Phillip and Rachel Davis born in Poland . #poland #unitedkingdom #general

angel kosfiszer

I am trying to find the town and possibly the original last names in Poland of Phillip (born in 1863) and Rachel (born in 1871) Davis, that lived in London. The census of 1901 and 1911 shows them living in London and having a total of 9 children by 1911. They may have been married in 1890 in London and Rachel's family name may have been Levy. The name and birthday of the children were:
Esther 1892; Celia 1895; Solomon 1897; Rose 1900; Harriet 1902; David 1905; Polly 1907; Minnie 1909 and Woolf 1911. Thanks in advance for any help.

Angel Kosfiszer

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Michael Hoffman

Hell Angel,

Go to this website of the UK's GRO (General Register Office) for Ordering Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates

I have done a search for you and this website indicates that the Mothers Maiden Name before marriage was Levy.
All the births took place in the following Registration Districts, Whitechapel, Mile End Old Town and St Georges in the East. 
Only Order Certificates from this official government website, the cheapest certificates which are not certified are pdf files which are sent as attachments to an email.

The marriage took place between Phillip Davis and Rachel Levy on 28/12/1890 at the Sandys Row Synagogue, you can obtain the Chief Rabbi's Marriage Authorisation Document from the United Synagogue at  https://www.theus.org.uk/category/find-marriage-record this record would hopefully have the place and
country of origin of both of the parties to the marriage.   


Michael Hoffman


Sandys Row Synagogue is still functioning, and probably looks quite similar to how it would have done at the wedding in 1890!

Charles Joseph

Researching: Burde, Lusky, Tikochinsky, Rosofsky, Zacuto

Jill Whitehead

If any of this family naturalized in the UK, the place of origin would be on the naturalization certificate.   These are available on the Ancestry website for the period 1870 to 1916, I think.  The summaries (without the detail)  can also be found in the pages of the London Gazette for the years concerned.

Jill Whitehead