Frunze (now Bishkek), Kyrgyzstan near Kazakhstan Holocaust #belarus #general

Harry Boonin

Hello. Part of our family escaped from Slutsk, Slutsk Uezd, Minsk Gubernia, before June 26, 1941 when the Nazis captured the town, and made it all the way east to Central Asia. I have two letters in Russian that were sent to a cousin in 1967, which indicate that they continued to live in Frunze (the capital of Kyrgyz) from 1941 to 1967. My cousin gave me the letters about two decades ago. I have no idea if they or their children, or grandchildren are still there. The capital was named Frunze from 1926 - 1991, when the name of the capital was changed to Bishkek. The surnames I am looking for are BUNIN and BOONIN from Slutsk. I think my grandmother's brother, Alter (Raphael) Boonin, his wife Gitel and their eight daughters, or part of this family migrated to Lenningrad in 1949. Whether they all left Frunze/Bishkek is unknown. Information of any of these unknowns would be greatly appreciated. My grandmother, Matla and her husband Noson were first cousins and both their surnames were Boonin.
Harry D. Boonin
Warrington, PA
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Michael Hoffman

Hi Harry,

Have you done any research for Boonin in the UK?
If not I would suggest to you the following search at the UK's National Archives at 
there are 6 entries that you may be interested in, including a marriage at the British Consulate in the Soviet Union. You should do a search for Birth, Marriage and Deaths on the following website, 

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Michael Hoffman
Borehamwood, Herts, UK.