Podhorini a village near Munkach Hungary #hungary #general


Looking for any information about the Jewish community in Podhorini a small village/town about 3 kilometers from Munkach, Hungary
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Nissim Neuman

Vivian Kahn

Probably Podhering, Bereg megye, now Pidhoriany, Ukraine  near Mukachevo.

Vivian Kahn
JewishGen Hungarian Research Director

Ludwig Mauskopf

Podhoriani (in Hungarian Podhering) now is part of Mukachevo.

Hap Ponedel


Try looking at this map: https://maps.arcanum.com/en/map/europe-19century-secondsurvey/?layers=158%2C164&bbox=2528535.381028769%2C6181492.179373639%2C2536656.815284069%2C6184836.299361115
Munkac is just a few kilometers southwest of Podhering.
Also there is this map:

You can view the whole map here: http://maps.mapywig.org/m/K.u.K._maps/series/075K/400dpi_NYPL/12_XXVII_Munkacs_1894_400dpi_NYPL1226516.jpg

Hap Ponedel
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Birth , death and marriage records available from 1845  to 1943. 

Mark Friedman