Possible Hidden Jewish Roots/Surname Change Found #canada #names

K H <hk_1@...>

I recently found a family document; a Registration of Birth for one of my uncles (born: May 2, 1928) from the Province of Saskatchewan, Canada. There is a remark on the bottom of the paper that tells that on May 16, 1956, the surnames were corrected for both the father and child (son). The original surname was (Fichki). The new last name was written as (Nagy). The mother's last name is shown as (Nagy) but I was once told that her Maiden name and married name were the same. Both parents were born in Austria. I researched the last name (Fichki) but did not have much luck only that it may be a revised version of an original spelling and that it may be of Jewish origin. Does anyone have information about the origin of this last name? 

Kim Hann