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Toby Ellis

Researching Seidel Stadlen: I am looking for a Seidel Stadlen who lived in Lynn, MA. In 1907.  The only reference I found was on a ship’s manifest as a contact person for a cousin. Besides the 3 major databases, the Mass State Archives, NARA, and the MA Supreme Judicial Court Archives.  I have looked at the obvious possibilities, but with no luck.  His last name is probably written as some variation that I am not aware of.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.   

 Toby Ellis


Reuven Mohr

a Jewish first name like Seidel was probably replaced by something neutral like Sam, or similar; I would not include a first name into the search.
the name Stadlen looks related to the Hebrew Shtadlan, so variations might include Stadlan, Shtadlan, Schtadlan, Statlan, Statlen, Stodlen, Stodlan etc.

Reuven Mohr

Sherri Bobish


Was there an address for Seidel Stadlen on the manifest?  If so, try searching the address in the keyword box at
You may find him listed with a different first name and/or different spelling of surname in an old Lynn city directory from 1907 time frame.

What town did the person going to
Seidel Stadlen come from?  Try searching, also at Ancestry, for anyone with surname STADLEN born in that town.  You may find Soc. Sec. application, draft card, naturalization, etc.
If you do not have an Ancestry subscription, check if your local library does.  Ancestry has been allowing remote access to library patrons since Covid.

You can also search passenger manifests for
Stadlen coming from that town.

Hope this helps,

Sherri Bobish