JewishGen Education announces New Classes #general #announcements #education

Nancy Holden

JewishGen Education announces New Classes

The Learning Center is open for view and registration for Summer/Fall Classes


The Learning Center has a new website Genealogy for Gen X, Y and Z


Take a Look

It’s Beta and it’s Free!--

Nancy Holden
Director of Education

Marjorie Geiser

One of the hidden gems of JewishGen are these classes. In fact, I must say that I was a member of JewishGen for over a year before I decided to take some of the workbook courses, which are free with a Value Added Services membership. There really is something at every level of support.

But I must say that it's been a great honor to offer our new JewishGen Virtual Conversations, where we spend 45 minutes helping you with strategies, planning, resources and tips that even the more advanced researcher can benefit from.

No matter WHAT your level, we all can benefit from new ideas and new motivations. So, take a few minutes to look at what JewishGen Education has to offer and see if there isn't one option that could push YOU into that next stage of discovery!

Margie Geiser
JewishGen Virtual Conversations