Help with location and possible date of photo #photographs

Felissa Lashley

This photo is of my great uncle, Jake Dorbin. I am trying to figure to figure out the geographic area where it was taken, and an approximate date. As to geographical location it could be either the central Ukraine or Nebraska, southern Missouri, Kansas or Oklahoma. He arrived in America by 1906.
I would appreciate any insights or ideas about the photo. Thank you very much.
Felissa Lashley
Austin, Texas
russia 3 2.jpeg

Joyaa Antares

Hi Felissa,

Consider the Facebook group, "Genealogy - Dating Old Photographs"

Good luck!

Joyaa ANTARES, Gold Coast, Qld, Australia.

Yehoshua Sivan

This looks like a typical American buckboard wagon
Yehoshua Sivan

Bella Tseytlin

It doesn’t seem to be Ukraine. 
Bella Tseytlin

Melbourne, Australia

Jx. Gx.


If you can cleanup and particularly brighten up the image that would help in identifying certain features in the picture. 

Basically, the only two things you have to work with in approximating the date of this photo are the types of harnesses used on the horses and the buckboard itself. However, that will only give you when that type of equipment was in vogue and by the time this photo was taken that equipment could be very old.  My guess is 1880s based only on the equipment.

Another possibility is to find someone who knows a lot about horses and can identify the breed. That might help to narrow down the location if a certain breed was very popular in a particular region.

Maybe you can put an approximate date to the picture by knowing what type of occupation uncle Jake had at any given time that would require him to use a horse-driven wagon to transport items under at white sheet.

Jeffrey Gee