Identify a memento related to the Makkabi games of 1932 #austria-czech

Michael Gordy

I have posted to ViewMate a scan of a memento related to the Makkabi games in Czechoslovakia.  Can someone identify exactly what this is?  The text on the right appears to have something to do with serving as a railway or facilities pass, but I don't understand the exact connection to the Makkabi games.

The holder of this pass was the husband of my grandfather's first cousin.  They perished in the Holocaust with no survivors.

Michael Gordy
Takoma Park, Maryland, USA

Madeleine Isenberg

Hi Michael Gordy,

We cross paths again!

Please contact Miki Liptak (vivit@...) in Kezmarok, Slovakia.

I cannot seem to find my photos, but I seem to recall that in their museum, where they have a section for the Jews who once lived there, there were some pieces related to the Makkabi Games.   Tell him I told you to contact him!

Madeleine Isenberg
Beverly Hills, CA
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