Hungary Town Name Question for William Farkas (Fergus) Gottlieb married to Mollie (Minnie?) Einhorn #usa #hungary #records


Can anyone clarify the town name in this naturalization document and maybe if it currently exists. Maybe this is the matching person referenced via LDS. Seems like Farkas(h) maybe got transformed to Fergus.

Jeff Fine
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Family names/towns
(Shecter, Eisenberg) - Sekuran, Bessarabia 
(Ekelchik, Sussman) - Igumen, Minsk, Belarus 
(Fine, Z(w)erlin) - Minsk(?) 
(Hassenfeld, Laufer, Reich, Ölbaum) - Ulanow, Poland
Einhorn - Hungary
Gottlieb - Hungary

David Levine


The town is Királyhelmec in the old Hungarian county of Zemplén now Kráľovský Chlmec in Slovakia. Kiraly/Kralovsky means "Royal Chlmec"
There is more information on the Hungarian wikipedia page:  (right click to use google translate on the page)
Attached is the entry for the town from a 1911 Gazette of estates in the Kingdom of Hungary that I had photographed for a project a few years bak.

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Sherri Bobish


Town of birth may be Nyéresháza (before WW1 it was in Hungary)
today Neresnytsya in Ukraine.
Neresnytsya [Ukr], Nyéresháza [Hung], Neresnice [Slov], Alsóneresznicze [Hun], Neresnitsa [Rus], Nizhnya Novoselitsa, Neresniza, Neresnitze, Nereznicza, Neresnycja
Region: Transcarpathia

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Sherri Bobish

Jackie Shapiro

I, too, am researching GOTTLIEB. GGrandfather also Mayer-  Rabbi of Mad, Hungary.  Most of my family born in Mad, Niyabator(Bertha Klein), and Szerencs(Louise Billitzer , daughter of Rabbii Amram Yisha Billitzer.  What do you think?
Let me know if any of this is familiar.  Joseph Gottlieb, grandfather, had many brothers/sisters. most killed in the camps.
Jackie Shapiro

Valentin Lupu

The town of birth is probably Encsencs, a small town 8.5 miles south of Nyrbator.

Valentin Lupu