Searching for Romanian "Brockman" and Russia "Booker" #usa #romania #russia

Karissa Tobin Rose-Gold

Hi I am looking for any info on Sadie Booker and Isaac Brockman. Sadie was from Russia, and Isaac from Romania. They married shortly before moving to the USA. As far as I know, they raised my great-grandfather, David Abraham Brockman, Jewish. I have found sparing things on ancestry (manifest and naturalization records), but am hoping to find info on their parents, grandparents and any siblings or distant cousins. I know I have a genetic match with someone who currently lives in Israel from either the Brockman or Booker side of the family, and I'd love to connect (I can do that on ancestry, but if that person just happens upon this message, please feel free to comment).

Thank you for reading,
Karissa Rose-Gold