Carl Lewin - possibly Brody or Berlin or Israel #israel

Carol Jean Weightman

On 15 September 1955, my grandmother Clara Prager (born Chaje Hinde Lewin) sent a letter to my parents. Clara was, by then, living in New York, having left Berlin in 1939. My parents Helmut and Edith Prager were living in Baltimore. Clara wrote to say she was pleased to have received a letter from Carl Lewin in Israel.

That is all I know about Carl Lewin.

My guess would be that he was a Lewin family member, perhaps born in Brody or in Berlin. Many of the Brody Lewins moved to Berlin in the early 1900s. Carl may have visited or even worked with Clara and her husband in Berlin.

Was Carl Lewin known to any list members living in Israel? Perhaps he has descendants still in Israel or anywhere else in the world. It would be interesting to know who he was and how he may have been related.

Although I have records of many 19th century Lewins, I do not know the names of their children and grandchildren. I have a lot of family history to share if I can find them.

I will follow up all suggestions.

Best wishes
Carol Jean Weightman