Online Databases: Searching For Family Members named RUBIN Who Lived in Israel #israel #records



While researching my family, I have often had difficulty with finding information about cousins who lived in Israel. Are there databases online that contain information for people who lived in Israel?  

A recent example is a cousin named Hans Rubin (b. 1914 in Tarnow), who was the only Holocaust survivor from his family. In 1957, he provided Yad Vashem testimony for his parents (; and brother ( He is listed as living in Bat Yam, Israel. 

I would love to be able to learn more about Hans Rubin and whether he has any living descendants. 

Thank you with any help you can provide!

Jeremy Lehmann
White Plains, NY

Vered Dayan

One way that can help non-Hebrew speakers is to join this very active Facebook group named Israelis of Polish Origin:
You can post a question or a request for help and also look for previous posts about people or places of interest.
Good luck,
Vered Dayan