Poviaty Vil near Druia (Druja) #belarus

Paul Chirlin

I cannot identify what Poviaty Vil.  might be.  A village, a villa ?  And what is Sharkov JC?  It is from JewishGen.  This family I believe immigrated to the Philadelphia area and became Zipin.

I am working on a big tree to find everyone I can identify from Druja who came to the USA. 

Paul Chirlin

Michele Lock

Druya is now part of Belarus, and located near the Latvian border. About 10 miles southeast of Druya is the village now called Povyat'e, which Jewishgen transcribed as Poviaty. The Tzypin family was living in this village in 1888. To see the where the village is, you have to zoom in a lot on the town name on Google Maps.

Sharkov is a town in Belarus located about 40 miles south of Polatsk; Druya is about 50 miles northwest of Polatsk. Abram Tsypin's family was originally from the town of Sharkov, and he was still considered a member of that town's Jewish community (JC). In the Russian Empire, all Jews had to belong to a Jewish community, even if they moved away. I believe they could try to re-register in a new community, but apparently this was not so easy to do, though others may have more information about this. 

Michele Lock

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