Ilza (Drildz) metric books extraction notice #poland


I am delighted to announce that JRI-Poland has completed full extraction of all surviving Jewish records registered in the Sandomierz town of Ilza from 1810-1825 and 1850-1909. The Jewish books include registrations from nearby towns of Wierzbnik, Wonchok and several other satellite villages and towns.
To undertake genealogy research is to constantly second-guess the clerks, who, aside from occasionally mis-entering or omitting vital data, were often creative in name spelling. In analyzing the clans that registered in Ilza we have created value-added fields of deduced surnames and maiden names as well as standardized name fields. These serve to optimize search results and facilitate ease of analysis.
Not surprisingly, 20% of the clans registering in Ilza accounted for 80% of the registrations.
Please contact me for the list of standardized surnames and to find out how you can support this project.
Judy Golan
JRI-Poland Sandomierz Area Coordinator