I´m looking for a genealogist expert in Sephardic lineage #sephardic

David Lewin

At 15:57 22/06/2021, Julio César Herrera González wrote:
My name is Julio C. Herrera. I was recently approved for Spanish nationality due to Sephardic-Jewish ancestry (I am a Venezuelan residing in Ecuador). I did all the processing myself so I'm pretty familiar with the procedure. Obviously, I know that the Spanish route to obtaining the European Union passport has already been closed, but the Portuguese route is still open. The fact is that I am evaluating the possibility of offering my advisory services to those interested in Portuguese nationality of Sephardic lineage. Although I'm not a lawyer (I'm an economist), for this I have the experience of my Spanish processing and some relatives. In addition to having worked in the Venezuelan diplomatic service for 17 years (so I know the subject of nationalities very well), I am fluent in Portuguese and am well informed about Portuguese procedure. That said, PLEASE, could someone please tell me if knows of any recognized genealogist I can work with? In this regard, remember that most reports would be from Venezuelans, Ecuadorians and other Latin American countries. The aim is to investigate and locate the applicants' Sephardic ancestors so that they can later obtain the Sephardic certificate in the Israeli Community of Lisbon and finally the Portuguese nationality.
Best regards,
Julio C. Herrera
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David Lewin

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