Historian request: Germany, England and Australia KT/Dunera/Australia WW2 #germany #unitedkingdom #general


We are looking for an individual (historian) to assist in compiling the history of our father’s course from his upbringing through his discharge from the Australian army in WWII through 1946.  We want to understand detail and additional context of his life experience. Hi passed in 1974 and our mother passed in 2007..Neither of them talked about it and are just finding out some details of his life.

Some brief background:
Our father who was born in Cologne (Koln). We believe he left Berlin at age 16 in late Dec. of 1938 via the Kindertransport train escaping anticipating Nazi persecution.  His family had to stay behind. 
He arrived in Harwich England in Jan. 1939.  He was graciously taking care of by a family in Northern England , Thrilby where he worked on a farm from Feb 1939 through May of 1940.  Once France fell to Nazi Germany around that time, there was great fear of a Britain invasion. 
He was classified as an "enemy alien" and was subsequently transported to Australia sailing on the HMT Dunera embarking from Liverpool on July 10, 1940 and reaching Australia on Sept. 6th/9th 1940.  We have many source documents from all three countries but need a trained individual with access to archival data to fill in the “back story” and details reaching back to Germany when his father was born in 1882.

Anybody with knowledge and interest would be welcomed. This is a project that means a great deal to our family since we want to preserve his legacy for our family in addition to paying tribute to those that helped our family survive. We have some wonderful people already helping us fill in some details but need help filling in some gaps of the three continents life took him.

Please email me and I will act as the coordinator for this project.
Dr. Paul Ehrmann