Changing a child age to avoid conscription #belarus

Dror Bereznitsky


I wanted to check how common was it to change a child age (in revisions lists, draft lists) in order to avoid conscription?
I know for a fact that, for example, my grandmother's older brother was registered as her twin in her birth record in order to avoid conscription.

The reason I'm asking is that I found a possible descendant of my family. Many details such as his father's name (very uncommon surname) and residence match however his possible father was too young to be his father (by 3-5 years).
I'm suspecting that his possible father's age might have been altered to avoid conscription.

Dror Bereznitsky


Jews changes/falsified DOB for reasons other than to avoid conscription.  children were re-registered with a later DOB when possible to extend maternity benefits, such as extending maternity leave, etc., This happened in my family.  
relly coleman