Looking for Descendants - Leon David HALPERSOHN, born 20 October 1903 #germany

Carol Jean Weightman

I am looking for descendants of Leon / Leon David Halpersohn.

Leon was the son of Anna Lewin, a family member who moved with her husband and family from Brody to Berlin.

Leon was born in Brody in 1903.

The family moved to Berlin around 1916-1918.

Leon studied at the University of Berlin and qualified with a doctorate, possibly in law.

He was interned in UK during World War II and went to Australia before the end of the war.

In Australia, Leon was married to Jean Nancy. I do not know her maiden name. Leon David and Jean Nancy are listed in the Australia Electoral Rolls, 1949 and 1954. The Electoral Place is Devonport, Darwin, Tasmania.

I would appreciate any help to find their descendants.

Best wishes
Carol Jean Weightman