Requesting close look at gravestone of Moshe Elimelech GEWELBE in Warsaw #poland #warsaw

David Ziants

Is there anyone in Warsaw, or likely to be in Warsaw at some opportunity and is able to find and volunteer the time to have a close look at this broken grave stone, and the bits of stone around it:- and from that work out the father's name in Hebrew which might be partially hidden and partially on the broken bits (that can be seen on the photo). This is indexed at :- cemetery Warszawa (Okopowa) sector 32 row 16 number 39a sex M surname Gewelbe first name hebrew name Moshe Elimelech fathers name husbands name maiden name date of birth (m/d/y) (m/d/r) date of death (m/d/y) (m/d/r) 1/19/1879 additional info Thank you in advance. PS I am posting this on a number of relevant forums - and will try and keep each informed if I receive any offers of help or information.
David Ziants

Ma'aleh Adumim, Israel


GEWELBE and SINGER families from Warsaw, Poland.

Widowed Azriel (Isaac) Zelig ZENETSKY/(SCHLOSBERG) who returned from UK to Eastern Europe in 1910s and remarried to a lady from Warsaw.

ISMACH (DAVIDSON/OSMAN), ALPERT and ZIANTS families who might have also have had family in Warsaw (as well as Lomza, Lodz, Bialystok, Bielsk)

Eva Robotnick

I recommend you contact Yisroel Szpilman who may still be Jewish Cemetery Director at the Oppotow cemetery in Warsaw.
His email is: yisroelszpilman@...
Eva Robotnick