Searching for Heyman family in Latvia and Montevideo, Uruguay #latinamerica



I am searching for information on my Grandmother Dora Felsman’s family.  She was born Dora Heyman (Heiman) in Friedrichstadt, later Juanjelgava, Latvia in 1900. 

Two of her sisters emigrated to Montevideo, Uruguay.  Her sister Ruth never married and her other sister married in Uruguay and had 3 daughters, including twin girls.


Hannah Berkowitz

Westchester County, New York

Searching SubCarpathia,  Felsohidegpatak (Vysny Studeny), Irshava (Ilosva) and Uzhorod (Ungar),  and Latvia


I am searching for information on my Grandmother Dora Felsman’s family.
I suggest you join Tracing the Tribe group on FB and post there, but you need to specify all the names and surnames to be able to help you.

Shosh Eizenshtein, Toronto 

Arlene Beare

Unfortunately you give very little information as far as family names and dates are concerned. I suggest you consult the Jewishgen Family Finder . Also when doing a search remember that in Russian there is no H so you should  search for Haiman, Heiman.,Geiman,Gaiman.  I had a look at the Internal Passports on Citlskoki and there were quite a lot of names spelled the way I have indicated.  checked a few but  you would be best placed to look as you might recognise other family names.
Once you have a username and password use the site in Latvian not English.  Enter in the first box which is surname Geiman and leave the Town Box empty. Look at all the hits both Geiman and Heiman.
Arlene Beare
Co-director Latvia and Estonia Research Division.


Another suggestion—contact the Jewish community in Montevideo. Google for synagogues, etc. The community is close-knit and maybe someone would be able to help you. 
 Best wishes—
Lillian Meyers
New York, NY