Seeking photo in Northampton, Mass #usa #photographs

Laurie Budgar

From approximately 1940-1979, siblings Louis and Leonard Budgor -- my first cousins twice removed -- ran Budgor Pharmacy at 1 Market St. in Northampton, Mass. The site of the business is now a coffee shop called The Roost. (See attached photo that I found online some time ago but failed to record where I found it -- perhaps the business's Facebook page.) At the time, I got in touch with the owners of the business, who told me they had many more photos of the original pharmacy on display at the business.

If anyone lives in the area, I would greatly appreciate photos of the current business, as well as any of the photos or other memorabilia they have on display. 

Many thanks!
Laurie Budgar
Longmont, CO


Phyllis Eckstein

Hi Lauri,
I live in Northampton.  I’d be glad to take the photos.  I will get to to it during the week
Phyllis Eckstein

Lin Mor

May I suggest you also contact the public library in Northampton where there may be items in their archives related to your cousins' business? BTW, Northampton is a lovely town. 

Linda Cohen Morzillo
Saratoga Springs, NY