Help to read the father's name on this gravestone, please #translation

Madeleine Isenberg

I concur with David Dubin.  In findagrave, you can see a link to a son who died young.  He was named Harris DUDIS, with the Hebrew-Yiddish pair, צבי הירש.  One might then assume he was named for a grandfather.

Madeleine Isenberg
Beverly Hills, CA
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Yechiel Deutsch

I would also say that it is most likely בת ה''ר צבי.
Another option is 'ניסן' (Nissan), and third option (less likely) 'יוסף'.
I would suggest maybe there is someone to contact from the 'Chevra Kadisha' to check the records?

Yechiel Deutsch

Dubin, David M. MD

As I look at it I now think it says ה״ר צבי (“rabbi Zvi”) with the bottom of the tsade worn away. 

what do others think?

david Dubin
teaneck nj

David Shapiro

Yes, it's worn away, but I think what you read as vav, yud, is really the top of an aleph (compare it to the aleph of Ha'isha), so it should read Reuven, but the vav is missing.

David Shapiro

Louis Kessler

Thanks very much David.

I think you almost got it. I don't think that's a HaRav with a diacritical.  But now that you got me thinking in this direction, I do think it likely is רב which is simply Mr.

And I agree that the name itself is likely Yosef: יוסף which if you look closely, you can almost see the shadow of the missing parts of those letters.

If you click on "View original" in the lower right, you get a bigger photo. But I think that's the best possible. Those inscripted letters are definitely worn out.

Louis Kessler

Dubin, David M. MD

Judging by the diacritical gershayim over the letter heh I’d say the name was HaRav (“rabbi”) followed perhaps by the name Yosef. 
I’d love to see a better photo. 

david dubin
teaneck nj 

Louis Kessler

I have this gravestone on Find A Grave:  Bessie Dudis (unknown-1910) - Find A Grave Memorial

The Hebrew on it is quite worn, but I can interpret every line except the name of Bessie's father:

Here Lies The Woman Bacee Daughter of Mr. Royben Died 8 Iyar 670 followed by the 5 letter epitaph: Tet Nun Tsadi Vav Hey

So the line with her father starts with Bat (daughter of) and the R' (Mr.)

But after that, the best I can figure is that the father's name looks like is: רויבן (Resh, Vav, Yud, Bet, Nun sofit) which would be Royben, which really isn't a Hebrew name. I don't see it as being Reuben either רְאוּבֵן because you can't really fit in an aleph an vav where (what I think are) the vav and yud are.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Louis Kessler
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada