Looking for family ties of LEVIN Joseph in Danzig in the 17th century #poland


I found the name LEVIN as early as 1659 in Danzig e.g. Bendix LEVIN and LEVIN Joachim and would like to establish if they were related to Joseph L EVIN (later named PERLBACH), amber dealer.

Ron Peeters(NL))


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Logan Kleinwaks

There are significant 18th- and early 19th-century records available for Danzig Jewish genealogy (e.g., censuses), which can help determine relationships in the pre-surname period, but additional volunteers are needed to transcribe and/or proofread transcriptions of this material to make it usable by genealogists. If you are interested in volunteering and can read old German handwriting (Kurrent), please email me. JewishGen's Danzig/Gdańsk Research Division has scans of this material. Separate from transcription, there is also a way to help acquire additional early records if you are in Berlin.

That said, 17th-century records are very limited and connecting to people alive in 1659 would probably require new discoveries, rabbinic ancestry, and/or considerable luck.

Logan Kleinwaks
Coordinator, JewishGen Danzig/Gdańsk Research Division