Marriage date of 29 February 1887! #poland #records


The record for the civil marriage in Sieniawa of my great grandparents, Simon Lam(m) & Liftsche Glanz (and 2 other couples) gives the date as 29 February 1887. Since leap years occur only in years divisible by 4, there was no February 29 in 1887.  The handwriting is too clear to misread it. Is it likely that this is only a clerk's error, or is there any significance to the date? Is it possible that it was the clerk's cynical reaction to late registration (they were married religiously around 1872)? Any ideas are welcome.
Billie Stein
Givatayim, Israel
LAMM Sieniawa, Belz, Lviv
STEIN Zukowice (Stare & Nowe), Tarnow, Krakow 
PLOTKIN Bobruisk, Mogilev, Rogachev 
RUBINSTEIN Minsk, Bobruisk, Yashin
DININ (varioius spellings) Mogilev

Peter Cohen

There are three different people on that page (#3, #4 & #5) whose entries are dated 29 Feb 1887. Perhaps the clerk was operating on auto-pilot and didn't stop to realize that it was really March 1st.
Peter Cohen

C.W. Kirschbaum

We came upon the same problem in civil records from Mogilev/Belarus. The birthday of a family member was given as 29 February 1881. What immediately strikes us as an impossibility today didn't seem to bother some clerks back then. I understand that the Julian calendar applies the same leap day rule as the Gregorian calendar, so the ambiguous calendar date cannot be explained that way. We decided to attribute it to clerical error and/or sloppiness.
Claudia Witte-Kirschbaum
KIRSCHBAUM (Parysow, Rozan, Lodz, Nizhny Novgorod)
DUMTSCHIN (Mogilev, Nizhny Novgorod)
LANDAU (Brzesko)
FRISCH (Bochnia)