Looking for relatives of Abe Gershone from Uladovka #usa


I am trying to find information about my maternal grandfather, Abe Gershone (Gershkov?).  He was born in 1889 and was from Uladovka.  He came to the US through Baltimore and settled in Minnepolis, MN.
We know about his life in Minneapolis, and that his father's name was Samuel, but nothing else about his parents or his siblings.  His alien registration states he has 2 brothers who served in the Russian Army.
His wife was Dora/Devorah Fishman, also from Uladovka. He had a very close relationship withthe Fishman family.  His papers state he was coming to Minneapolis to be with Jacob Saxton, who is related to the Fishman family.  We have an extensive Fishman famaily tree, but would like to be able to fill out Abe's family tree.
I welcome any help or information.  Thanks.
- Devorah Koval