looking for information about jewish families in Selesia, Germany 1900-1939 #germany

dori jungmann

Dear madam, dear sir, Shalom!
my name is Dori Jungmann, i am from Jerusalem, and i am looking for my ancestors of the Jungmann family. it is hard for me to concentrate because i was angered in the 67 war in Jerusalem, so i appologise if i make any mistakes. my grandfather, Wilhelm Jungmann was born in a small town named MINKEN in east Selesia. Wilhelm Jungmann had 6-8 brother and at least 2 sisters. i myself am 76 years old and my injury makes me hard to concentrate so i hope you forgive me for my mistakes. my grandmother was born in Breslau to her parents  family Cohen or cohn. i forgot some details but my father Helmut Yehuda Jungmann left germany in 1933, and came as CHALUZ, pioneer to Emek Hayarden, Moshava Kineret. he volunteered to the british army together with 1500 Ereziaraelim called Mitnadvey ha Yeshuv, and became a POW, together with all the regiment in Kalamata Greece. i dont know where to get any information about my family and for long time i was thinking to write to you, may be you can halp me. i saw about 10 years ago the name Jungmann in Berlin, in the telefone book of 1928 Parmacy Jungmann, it is my grandfathers brother and his son. please, halp me to search the family in Selesia, in Minken, Brieg, Breslau. i will be very happy to get any segnificant information about my lost family.
with best regards and wishes, and thanks for any halp
Dori Jungmann, 24 Habrosh, Har Adar (near Jerusalem) my phone: 972-546-242-961

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Dear Madam' dear Sir, my name is Dori Jungmann' i am from Israel' and i tried to contact you to become a member in the jewish geneologies group. my knowlage in the computer is very week' and hrd to work with my left hand' i have a serius angery from the 1967 war but i do whant to become a member and to make an interesting chart of my family for the coming generation!!!
i got a massage from the Mormons inYuta' that they have information' but as you understand' i appritiate what they offered but still they are not my people and i m not sure what they whant/so please' halp me to be a member and to reserch the roots of my family.
my mother comes from Pinsk Beloruss' her name is Haya Sima Serchuq' her parenta are: Sander Alexander' mother was Bella or Belka and the second name was Eisenberg or Greenberg . My father was born in Wansen near Breslau to the father named Wilhelm youngmann who rose in Minken KRISE Olau, his mothe Gretrud Jungmann born Cohn or Kohen
please let me know how much do i need to pay and how to move the money' and what to do for looking for my roots.thank you very much for you atention and hope to have a good comunication with you
Shabat ShalomDori Jungmann' Har-Adar' Habrosh 24, 9083600 972-546-242-961