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Eva Lawrence

Ralph Baer's post about missing ages of children in the Rosenthal list
of Baden name-changes is an interesting one. I've been using a book
published in Wuerzburg in 2008: 'Die Unterfraenkischen Judenmatrikeln
von 1817' by Dirk Rosenstock,. which raised the same question. In some
selected localities, the name and age of every member of the family is
given, but for most places only the head of the household is given.
Apparently the extra information wasn't to be found in the documents
available. Dates of Schutzbriefe are included by the editor in this
helpful volume...
i have some images from the original 1809 name-change documents for
Bonn and for Odenbach in the Pfalz, where I have direct ancestors.. In
both cases they were prepared under French rule, and there is a small
formal paragraph for every member of each family, all giving their old
and new names, and the age and place of birth.of minors.
For Odenbach, the Chronik Odenbach, by Alfred Wendel (2008) prints a
reproduction of the original manuscript. Each entry is a legal
contract, signed by the person concerned or the householder responsible
for a minor as well as by the mayor of the town.. The Bonn name-changes
from Familysearch were similar in style.
In comparison, the document posted by Ralph Baer is simply an index.,
It comes from a different principality, and it's possible that
manuscripts like the ones I've described were just not required in
I'm attaching an image of typical name-taking items from Bonn,.

Eva Lawrence
St Albans, UK
Eva Lawrence
St Albans, UK.