Moses and Isaac OPPENHEIMER from Battenberg/Battenfeld/Berghofen #germany

Sherri Bobish


There is an Isaac OPPENHEIMER, age 70, merchant from Germany, arriving in New York on Aug. 13, 1872 aboard the ship Deutschland which sailed from Bremen.

With Isaac is 28 year old Fanny OPPENHEIMER.

No relationship status or marital status is given on the manifest for any passenger.

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Fred Half

Hello all,

I am trying to find other people who have the subject family in their tree. Moses OPPENHEIMER is my gggrandfather. I know that Moses OPPENHEIMER was born 25 September 1840 supposedly in Battenberg (but could have been anywhere in the small towns of that area) the son of Isaac and Nannie (nee DRUCKER) OPPENHEIMER. Isaac is buried in Pittsburgh, PA, the tombstone having the dates 1801-1890. I don't know anything else about Nannie. Moses supposedly came to the US in about 1860 and by 2 June 1869 was in Pittsburgh, PA because he married Julia FRANK on that date. I have complete data of his three children but am looking for information about his father Isaac, mother Nannie, uncles or aunts (know of one brother K(C)oppel) and especially siblings. From some research a cousin did in Germany, there seems to not be any records in Marburg.

He had seven siblings; three brothers (Ben, Henry, and Saul) and four sisters (Bertha(Bette), Henrietta(Yetta), Setta, Amalia(Mollie)). All the siblings were born outside the US (locations unknown).


Married, is buried in Pittsburgh, PA. Had four children (Daniel W, Jacob, Nora, and Bertha L). Bertha died in infancy in 1870. Daniel (d 1929) and Jacob (d 1937) are buried in Pittsburgh, PA. Do not know anything else. Nora married and descendants are named SPEYER and SUNSTEIN.

Bertha (Bette)

Bertha married Herman SCHEUR and other descendant names are JACOBY, BLUMENTHAL, CUDEN, & AURBACH


Married Amanda ELLINGER from Baltimore, MD. They had four children (Sidney, William, Nan, and Olive). Know nothing about Sidney, William died in 1916 and is buried in Pittsburgh, PA, Nan never married and died in 1929 and is buried in Pittsburgh, PA. Olive married Max OBORNDORF and had descendants named GREENBAUM and SOULE.

Henrietta (Yetta)

Married Meyer AMBERG and also had descendants named KOCH, BERKMAN, BROIDO, CANT, & ROSENTHAL


Married Moses ARNOLD. Buried in Pittsburgh, PA

Amalia (Mollie)

Married Moses HERZOG and had three girls Daisy, Mae, and Nannie. Nannie died in infancy and other descendants are named LEVY, DE ROY, & RASCHBAUM. Buried in Pittsburgh, PA


Know nothing.

This information is being posted to Early American and German Sig. Any information on descendants or ancestors would be appreciated. Please respond privately unless useful to a broader audience. Thanks in advance.


Fred Half
Palo Alto, CA USA