Announcing the publication of "Tales from My father's Home" - Kupishok by Dr. Shlomo Kodesh #yizkorbooks

Susan Rosin

The Yizkor-Books-In-Print Project is proud to announce its 128th title:
Tales from My Father's Home - Kupishok - By Dr. Shlomo Kodesh
(Kupiškis, Lithuania)

This is the English translation of Sipurim Me'Beit Abba

In the words of the author Dr. Shlomo Kodesh (excerpts from the Introduction):

My story opens in the small township of Kupishok, which, for me, includes the whole of my Lithuania, the Jewish Lithuania, the Lithuania that is gone forever.
The Lithuanian stories started in my hometown. When I left the country, the stories continued to accompany me. Nevertheless, the story inclination has become even stronger after the great ruin. Moreover, the experiences that I used to consider meaningless and unimportant appear today as significant and worth describing.

The last ones to mention are the Litvaks, the Jews of my country of origin wherever they are. Not many of us have remained alive after the horrible Nazi burning. The people of my generation are slowly disappearing the natural way. Precisely for this reason, I sincerely hope that the Lithuanian Jews and their descendants will find something of the old aura of their devastated homes in this book.
For the researchers, this book contains a wealth of both genealogical and cultural information that can provide a picture of the environment of our ancestors.

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Susan Rosin
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