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Found my ggrandfather's  camp prisoner number  11060 between old records. We have very little info on him so far . We do know he survived the camps , lived to be liberated but sadly ,died on his way home. People that knew him met him along the way and saw he was very sick.
Can I trace him using his prisoner number to get any more info like in which camp he was liberated from and other tracing info? 
Thank you for your help.
Rachel Malik 
FRIEDMAN Marghita, Oradea and Sarcau Romania

Lewis, Megan


Start with the Arolsen Archives and the Auschwitz State Museum.

Do the records specifically mention that this is his Auschwitz number?  If so, there might be a letter (A- or B-) in front of it.  See this article about Auschwitz's prisoner numbering system from the USHMM Holocaust Encyclopedia for more information.

Prisoners received a new prisoner number every time they entered a new camp, so 11060 might be a number from another camp.

Megan Lewis
reference librarian, USHMM 


Hi Rachel,

I found information regarding family members who unfortunately did not make it back from the camps including prisoner numbers on the following site :

If I remember correctly you have to create a username profile but it is free.

Amelia Angel