Researching: family Gunsberger of Papa, Hungary, including Flora/Fradel, who married a Lazar. Bodansky, Hungary. Lafosky, Ukraine, Hackers, Austria-Germany. Anyone else? #hungary #austria-czech #ukraine #holocaust #unitedkingdom

Judy Petersen

There are several family trees, managed by different people, on both Geni and MyHeritage showing Bodanskys married to Gunsbergers.  Have you checked either of those sites yet?

Judy Petersen


Hi Yeal
I am researching Ginzburg Gunzburg family.
I wounder if there is connection. Are you a direct paternal line?

Val Ginzburg 
Toronto Canada 

Karen Rader


I have a Gunsberger married to a Bodansky in my family tree. My 2nd great-grandfather Moshe Gunsberger, born in Deutschkreutz, Hungary about 1848 is the son of Benedict "Ben Tzion" Gunsberger and Betty Bodansky. I found these names on Moshe's marriage certificate found in the Hungarian vital records. Betty's last name is spelled Bedanzgi on the record and translated by the researcher as Bodansky which is what I have from family records. 

Ben Tzion and Betty had at least one more child, Aleksandor "Sandor" Gunsberger. They also had a grandson Geza born in 1893 who we believe died at a very early age as he would have been too young to stay in Hungary when the family immigrated to the US.

No other info on the two of them at this time. 

Karen Rader


My maiden name is Hacker.  My Hackers were from the Ukraine.  Go to the on-line for my latest "hacker" info.  Would love to trade info. with you.  Barbara Hacker Berman

Yitschok Margareten

My wife is a descendant of the Bodansky and Gunsberger families. 

I did some research on those families, and I can help you as far as I reached with my research. 

Rabbi Berel Lazar is indeed a descendant of those families. His father Moshe Lazar was the son of Yeshaya (Alexander) Lazar and Fradel (Flora) nee Gunsberger. 

Fradel (Flora) Lazar-Gunsberger was the daughter of Yehoshua Pinchas Gunsberger and Gittel nee Bodansky. 
Fradel (Flora) had a brother Gesa who married Irma, I don't know her maiden name, but it would make sense to assume that this is Gesa and Irma you mention. 

I came across a Wikipedia article about Dr. Isabel Gal who was the daughter of Gesa Gunsberger and Irma Hacker, which mentions her husband Endre Gal and her sisters Erica and Lia. 

My information about the Gunsberger and Bodansky families is beyond a post on this group, you can contact me for more details. 

Yitschok Margareten


I have on my tree:

Lipot Gunsberger (1828 - 1892) born in Deutschkreutz, died in Gyor, married to Magdolna Stern. They had at least 2 children:

1.Maria (1865 -1913) born in Gyor, died in Papa, married to David Fellner. Their son, Miklos Fellner, married Erzsebet Wollner  in Papa in 1936.

2.Fulop/Yom Tov (1854 - ) born in Bogyoszlo, married to Mari/Miriam Rosenberger of Kapuvar. They had 9 children all born in Kapuvar.

Naomi Atlani

Sue Brundage

My maiden name is Ginsburg, my GGF was David Joseph Ginsburg from Chernigov, now Ukraine. They moved to this area from somewhere in Germany about the beginning of the 19th century to manage farmland, forests, mills, etc. About 1911 they moved to Detroit from Liverpool via Quebec. Eventually many of them moved to the Los Angeles area in So Cal.
As far as I know, we are not related to Bodansky families.  Might we be related?

Susan Ginsburg Brundage
researching Ginsburg, Baron, Katz, Bikovsky, Mindlin, Kvas or Quass, and Malatsky
from Ukraine, Lithuania, Belarus and Latvia


Hi Susan
Do you have any male offspring who carry last name Gunzburg or Ginzburg?
If yes, did they do Y chromosome?
This can help link the families.
My Ginzburg family comes from Belarus Minsk.
My family shares y chromosome with De Gunzburgs

Val Ginzburg 
Toronto Canada
Genn, Gen




I am related by marriage to another child of Lipot Gunsberger & Magdolna Stern:

Moric Jozsef Israel Gunsberger


BIRTH 27 APR 1860 • Osli, Gyor-Moson-Sopron, Hungary

DEATH 10 APR 1931 • Budapest, Hungary

husband of great-grandaunt


who married


Berta Rosenberger


BIRTH 1870 • Szentdomonkos, Heves, Hungary

DEATH 22 JUL 1936 • District XV, Budapest, Hungary



who was the sister to my G Grandmother:


Karolina Rosenberger


BIRTH 1866 • Garta, Gyor-Moson-Sopron, Hungary

DEATH 3 JAN 1947 • District V, Budapest, Hungary


who married my G Grandfather:


Adolf Abraham Perl


BIRTH 27 FEB 1857 • Kajarpec, Gyor-Moson-Sopron, Hungary

DEATH 20 SEP 1943 • District VII, Budapest, Hungary



My work in progress Family Tree is reasonably detailed and is Public on Ancestry DNA - "Warman Family Tree" - Michael Warman

I cannot tell if we share a branch in our family trees.


Best wishes,



Michael Warman



hello i am great grandson of lipot gunsberger and magdalen stern boprn in deutsh kreuz
my granfather was odon gunsberger later changed to sagi

john sagi