Translation of my grandfather's brother wedding details #poland #translation

Shimy Karni


My grandfather Leib Horn married Miriam Wieselman on AUG 19,1902.
A record of it was found Gesher Galicia. Unfortunately it is written in Polish.
I will be happy is someone can translate to me what is written in the last registration (line 20)
about the bride and groom in the attached page.

Shimi Karni, Israel  

Frank Szmulowicz

I would be interested in corrections to the translation below, as I am still learning to read Polish script.

Leib Horn, properly Hoffer, born and residing in Wiźnica, the son of Alter and Jenta Hoffer, residents of Wiźnica.

Marim Goldschmidt?, also Wieselman, known? in Kosowo, a daughter from a ritual marriage between Fajwel Wieselman and Hania? Goldschmidt? in Kosowo.

August 19, 1902

Official (perhaps the rabbi) Pinkas Hor...?
Witness Eisig Friedlander

Comments column (hard to decipher)
According to the birth certificate dated Wiźnica, August 9, 1902, the groom was born February 7, 1877, and according to the birth certificate volume IV, page 16, 
(she) was born .... July  15, 1877
Proof of ? of the groom dated Wiźnica,  August 15, 1901. 


Frank Szmulowicz