1809 Baden and Palatinate Name Adoption Lists #germany #names

Reuven Mohr

Thanks Daniel for you contribution to this matter.

My major interest on the left shore of the Rhine is Frankenthal, and the name adoption list is in the municipal archives and I have some transcribed version.

My second place is Ellerstadt. I have searched bmd records for Ellerstadt at the Standesamt in charge in Wachenheim/Weinstr. All the records are there from the beginning of the French administration (~1798). In some places the name adoptions are among them, but not so for Ellerstadt or the neighboring communities which are also part of the Wachenheim Standesamt. Nobody there had any idea where they could be. 

Another blank spot is a burial list for the Wachenheim Jewish cemetery which served many neighboring communities. Of course this is not connected to the recording by a Standesamt, but also on this matter nobody seems to have any idea where this could be.

Reuven Mohr

Michael Moritz

FamilySearch actually has a huge amount of name adoption lists from western Germany but they often have the wrong name. For instance there is a slew of collections saying “Matrikel 1808” but they’re actually name adoption lists. Also, for many of the record sets that are identified as adoption lists, they often include many more towns than mentioned (eg a whole region instead of just a town). See here for example of different sets: https://www.familysearch.org/search/catalog/results?count=20&query=%2Bkeywords%3AJud*%20%2Bkeywords%3Anamen*%20%2Bavailability%3AOnline  
Michael Moritz
Director, Romania Research Division