Census of yellow star apartments in Budapest #hungary #holocaust


This is the link to the records mentioned by Vivian:


Stephen Schmideg
Melbourne, Australia


Dear Vivian,

That URL is just the homepage.  More navigation instructions are needed the find the digitised archives.  Their search function did not find them - just books that mentioned yellow star houses.

Tom Beer, Melbourne Australia

Vivian Kahn

The records have been digitized by the Budapest City Archives and can be viewed and searched at Hungaricana https://hungaricana.hu/en/  
Vivian Kahn, Santa Rosa, California
JewishGen Director of Hungarian Research

G. C. Kalman

Dear Diane,
you should turn to the administrators of the project http://www.yellowstarhouses.org - I am sure they can and will help you.

Gyorgy C. Kalman

Marianna Toth

To the best of my knowledge in 2015 (during the renovation of a flat in Kossuth Lajos place, inside a hole which was hidden by walls) 7000 forms were found, which are now in Budapest city Archives. It does not include every district (in fact only a few ones). If you can give me address, I will look at it for you.
I don't know if there are other sources, but there is a webpage of yellow star houses
best regards
Marianna Toth

Jake Jacobs

My mother tells me there was a census taken of Jewish residents in yellow star (Jewish) apartments in Budapest in 1944. Does anyone know whether these census documents were preserved, and if so, where I can access them?

Thank you.

Diane Jacobs
Austin, Texas