Help wanted: find the link between Rabbi Pinkas of Koretz, b. 1726, and our ancestor Chai Sarah Shapiro b. 1818 #belarus #ukraine #rabbinic

Janet Furba

Hi ask the Mogilev abd the Khmelnitsky Archives.
Janet Furba,


I am trying to connect my ancestor Chai Sarah Shapiro b. 1818 probably Rovno, Ukraine to Rabbi Phinehas ben Avraham Abba Shapiro (aka Pinkas of Koretz). It is family lore that Chai Sarah Shapiro is great or 2nd great-granddaughter of Pinkas of Koretz who was born 1726 Shklov, Mogilev, Belarus and died 14 Aug 1791 Shepetovka, Khmelnystskyi, Ukraine. Chai Sarah Shapiro was married to Pincus Gidonsky. Any hints, help or ideas would be most appreciated.

Dawn Halvorsen