What does checkmark mean on entries for some young women on Hamburg ship logs #general

Judy Kaufman <judykaufman7@...>

I have been searching Hamburg ship logs for my great grandmother who would have emigrated as a single young woman.  I have found a few entries for women, where the number 1 is entered in the female column, but there is also a checkmark in the male column.  What does the checkmark mean?  

Example attached:  Chaje Friedmann, line 79.  
Judy Kaufman
Irvine, CA

ROSENBLUM (Brest); FRIEDMAN (still figuring it out)l LEIDERMAN/KONETSPOLSK (Khashchuvatye); WEINSTEIN/RINENHEIM/LUKA (Sokolow-Malopolski); RASKIN/SCHIMAYATSKY (Ichnia, Chernigov)