Rhode Island Cemetery, picture of a tombstone #usa #photographs


I am trying to obtain a photograph of a tomb stone of my presumed great grandfather Lavik (Leyvik) Salmonson who died in 1923. According to the death notice the grave is at the Lincoln Park Cemetery, Providence Rhode Island. Are there several Lincoln Park cemeteries in Rhode Island? I have been unable to find any information about the cemetery, contact information or confirmation that the information is in fact correct.
Herman Salmenson


Dear Herman,

It as a large cemetery (by Rhode Island standards).
basic info is at https://rihistoriccemeteries.org/newsearchcemeterydetail.aspx?ceme_no=WK011
Lincoln Park Cemetery 2469 Post Rd Warwick, Rhode Island 401-737-5333 Beth@... ( I am not sure that this email is correct.)
If you can get an exact location I would be willing to visit and take a picture. I can say hi to my relatives at the same time.

Aaron Ginsburg,  Foxboro, Ma USA REAEARCHING Pokrassa, Pokross, Gorodishche Ukraine and Fall River MA, Ginsburg Kusinitz Glubokie Dokshitsy area Belarus. Kahanovsky aka Karnowsky, Hnativka, Ukraine Also searching Newport Ri, Dokshitsy area Belarus




I called the cemetery about 2 years ago to see about getting family members headstones. They were very nice and did them at no charge. I don’t know if that is still the case.

Sharon Fleitman
Atlanta, Georgia


My parents and grandparents are also buried there.  If you go to the office on site, they will tell you the exact location of the tomb stone.  Not sure if the office is open due to Covid.  If it is, I could go there and take a picture for you when I am next in R.I.
David Schaffer
Vienna, Virginia