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Vital Records Project

Gesher Galicia works to index Jewish records of births, deaths and marriages from both western and eastern Galicia, and upload the indexes to our online database, the All Galicia Database ( We also transcribe, where this information is useful, index books of Jewish vital records from Galicia. Since the beginning of this year alone, we have indexed over 21,000 records.


Since our last report at the end of April 2021, Gesher Galicia has uploaded the indexes of the following record sets from our Vital Records Project to the All Galicia Database:


 - Kraków Jewish military chaplaincy marriages 1917-1918

 - Przemyśl Jewish military chaplaincy marriages 1916.05-1918.10

 - Podkamień (near Rohatyn) B (index book) 1900-1942

 - Tartaków B 1815-1819, 1828-1858

 - Nawaria D 1889, 1891-1897, 1899-1900, 1902-1904, 1906-1908

 - Strzeliska Nowe B 1841-1875.


We expect to add another 15,000 or so vital records to the database this year, from towns including Przemyśl, Stanisławów, Suchostaw, and Tyczyn.


General thanks for the continuing work on the Vital Records Project to Sławomir Postek and Piotr Gumola.


Przemyśl Identification Project - and follow-up

As most readers will know, we completed the Przemyśl Identification Project in June, having identified all 582 sets of town records (nearly all of them index books of vital records). Their full list can be freely viewed at:

If you are a Gesher Galicia member and are logged in to the Gesher Galicia website, you can also view the page images of all the files.


We had earlier transcribed some of these books (either wholly or in part) containing new information. These included books from: Bochnia, Kołomyja, Komarno, Kopyczyńce, Nowy Sącz, Sądowa Wisznia, Tarnopol, Tyczyn, and Żołynia.

We thank Jacob Heisler for his work on books from Bochnia and Żołynia.


Since our last update, we have also now transcribed and uploaded to the database:eHs


 - Korczyna B (index book) 1920-1942; 1833-1876 (still to come)

 - Kozowa D (index book) 1877-1891, 1934-1938


Later this year, there will be additional transcriptions of index books from: Nowy Wiśnicz, Podgórze, Sieniawa, and Skałat, as well as the further indexes from the Korczyna book mentioned above.


Next year, we plan to transcribe index books from the following towns: Bobowa, Bochnia, Bolechów, Bursztyn, Dobrotwór, Drohobycz, Horodenka, Kraków, Leżajsk, Lutowiska, Lutowiska, Muszyna, Nadwórna, Nowy Sącz, Przemyślany, Pruchnik, Rohatyn, Sambor, Skole, Stary Sącz, Tarnopol, and Załoźce.

In all, we are aiming to transcribe, wholly or in part, up to 70 index books from the Przemyśl ID Project.



Holocaust Project

Earlier this year in the Holocaust Project, as previously announced, we uploaded to the database over 10,000 records of Jewish residents in Stanisławów from 1942.


Our new research activities in the Holocaust Project will be announced early next year. Meantime, as Research Coordinator, I want to thank Michał Majewski for his vigorous efforts over more than three years while he coordinated the Holocaust Project, building it up into an important element of our Research work.


Jewish Taxpayers Project

In the Jewish Taxpayers project, we have uploaded records to the database from:

 - Sokołówka, 1937.

In total, 33 taxpayer files have been indexed and uploaded to the database, including 25 added in the past three and a half years since Mark Jacobson took over the running of this project. The larger part of these files are from Tarnopol province, and a smaller number from Stanisławów province.


While there are other taxpayer files in existence, we have decided to shift our resources to new projects, such as the Censuses Project (see below). I am very grateful to Mark for all his work on this project, and also thank Eddy Mitelsbach, who helped on it.


Josephine & Franciscan Cadastral Surveys Project - Jewish Medical Students Project

Andrew Zalewski has coordinated the first of these projects for five years now, and the second for about four years. Both will be finishing this year and Andrew will provide detailed reports on both in September. It is due to Andrew's meticulous work on these projects that they have been so successful, and he is to be thanked for all his efforts.


Andrew is launching a project on "Jewish Students from Galicia in Vienna, 1898-1938", on which he has already made an initial announcement.


Maps Project

Another member of the Research Team at Gesher Galicia who deserves thanks is Jay Osborn, our long-standing Digital Maps Manager. In the past ten years, he has stitched, prepared and uploaded almost 150 cadastral maps from Galician towns, as well as a large number of regional and specialist maps - turning the Map Room ( into a treasure for Gesher Galicia.

In the past 18 months, a regional map and three special maps have been added to the Map Room, as well as cadastral maps from: Bochnia, Jasło, Kozowa, Mościska, Nowy Targ, Podniestrzany, Pomorzany, Sambor, Świrz, and Tarnopol. Coming soon, there will a dual map from Medyka and Szechinie (Shehyni), adjoining towns now divided by the Polish-Ukrainian border, a short distance east of Przemyśl.


We have a growing stock of unstitched cadastral maps - from western and eastern Galicia in fairly equal numbers. Over the next couple of years, the intention is to stich and upload up to 30 of them. They will include maps from:

 - Brzozów, Krosno, Mielec, Muszyna, Pruchnik, and Stary Sącz in western Galicia.

 - Czortowiec, Jaworów, Janów, Krystynopol, Pniów, and Żółkiew in eastern Galicia.


New projects

As already mentioned, Gesher Galicia is launching two new projects.

 - Censuses Project, coordinated by Mark Jacobson

 - Jewish Students from Galicia in Vienna (1898-1938) Project, coordinated by Andrew Zalewski.

Both these projects are expected to reveal much new and exciting information. More information will be released on each of them soon.



We have an ambitious program of research work for this year and over the following couple of years. All this work, though, has a cost. We are always grateful to receive donations for our research work generally or for individual research projects. Donations can be made through our website, at:


Please do NOT reply to this email address. Any questions about our research work or general information about Gesher Galicia should be directed to: info@...


Tony Kahane

Research Coordinator, Gesher Galicia



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