Grandfather Abram Josef Piterman birth certificate in Polish please translate #translation

Michele Leighton

Dear friends I have attached a photo of my grandfather's birth certificate which is in Polish. He and my grandmother and other family members died in the Holocaust so I never got the opportunity to meet him or indeed find out about his family. It would be great if someone could translate this for me. Thanking you in anticipation.
Kind regards from Michele Leighton

Frank Szmulowicz

Poviat  Łukowski
Birth Certificate issued on the basis of the registry book (księga metrykalna)

I declare that Abram Josef Piterman was born
in the town of Łuków
14 August
of father Jankel Moszek Piterman
and mother Chaja Rywka nee Szpetner?
(document preparation date) June 3, 1920 Łuków
Mayor of the poviat, town Łuków

Poviat is like a county.
Frank Szmulowicz