SCHWARTZ & KASSOWITZ #usa #hungary

Michele Sankar

I am searching for descendants of the following families. My Jewish grandmother (Eva GABOR) was married to my Christian grandfather (Bela OZSGYANYI) in Budapest in 1938, and they were both doctors. I have letters/declarations written by a couple of people who attest to the fact that my grandfather protected and returned their belongings when they were sent to the ghetto, that he treated them for free and even provided monthly payments to them when they were destitute. I just thought that the descendants of these people might be interested in seeing the digital copies. I did some searching and here is what I know....
1) SCHWARTZ. Letter was written by widow Mrs. David SCHWARTZ (born Eugenia STEINER), born around 1870's. Her husband (born about 1860) was in the poison industry (for pests, I believe) and they were at Rottenbiller street in Budapest. They married late, so David's children would have been from his first marriage. Reference is made to son Jozsef SCHWARTZ at 525 Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, NY.
2) KASSOWITZ. Letter was written by Mrs. Oszkar KASSOWITZ (Trude CASSEL). When I searched in Ancestry, it seems that she went to the US and remarried a LEVINE.
Anyway, maybe it's a long shot, but if anyone is connected to these families, please let me know and I'll scan and share some significant pieces of history with you.
Michele Sankar
Ontario, Canada
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